Communities Directly Involved In Conflict

Negotiation training is not just for decision makers or diplomats; it is also a crucial skill for individuals and groups that are directly involved in a conflict. These individuals or groups often have a powerful voice as advocates in their communities, but can feel frustrated at their lack of influence over negotiations and the political process.

The situation can be similar with those involved in local community disputes: cases that require legal proceedings can fuel a conflict, increase misperceptions and the distance between parties, disempowering the most important actors and creating a situation where conflict escalates.

TRACK4 simulations give you the tools to negotiate for yourselves and the ability to imagine a variety of outcomes and options. The aim of the process is to help you move beyond your preset principles and agendas, take personal responsibility for the conflict and discover ways to de-escalate or end it.

For example, if put in the position of a negotiator or decision maker:

  • How can you transform deep-felt grievances into productive proposals for ending violence or finding a resolution to a conflict?
  • What would you do to safeguard the interests and safety of your own people?
  • What concessions would you make and how would you make them?
  • Where would you draw your red lines and what negotiation strategy and style would you adopt?
  • Who should you address on the other side and how should you address them?
  • How will you formulate your interests and demands in a constructive manner to ensure that you are not marginalized or dismissed?

What people say »

“It helped me to find my voice. I felt I had to stand up and speak because there was so much at stake; a whole population whose lives—or quality of life—were at stake, and a delegation that counted on me to be a leader.”

Sophia Salguero McGee, Senior Research Fellow, Center for Ethnic, Racial and Religious Understanding, Queens College


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