Mediation Training

Our simulations enable you to learn about the dynamics of conflict from an insider’s perspective, test forward-looking ideas about conflict mediation and take personal and political risks in a ‘safe’ environment where confidentiality is respected.

In addition to addressing political and social conflicts, TRACK4 also offers training for mediators and lawyers working in the field of civil, family or commercial mediation. Through our simulations participants can experience what it is like to lead a full mediation, and receive personal feedback on their approach.

In order to maximize the sense of reality, we bring in real players with experience of the conflict – seasoned mediators or specialists – to advise, or even participate in the simulation.

TRACK4 allows mediators to acquire knowledge and a range of skills through experiment and error, including:

  • How to build relationships with and gain the trust of various parties
  • How to handle a highly charged environment and tense relations between various actors
  • How to determine when to sit back and allow a proposal to arise and when to offer ideas and solution
  • How to work with the emotional or ‘non-rational’ elements of a conflict or dynamics between parties

What people say »

“Natasha Gill's simulations provide a "would be" negotiator or mediator with the opportunity to experience negotiations in a shockingly "close-to-life" manner. Participants may get wacked, but it is better to experience this in a safe and self-reflective environment than in real peace processes. For the key to an effective mediator is personality, practice and reflection, which are combined in a unique way in the simulation approach used by Gill.”

Simon J. A. Mason, Mediation Support Project, Center for Security Studies, ETH Zurich


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