Conflict, Negotiation and Mediation Simulations

Gain insight into the nature and dynamics of conflict, and develop negotiation and mediation skills through our extended simulations. Find out more »

What people say »

“The process of peacemaking, with all its pitfalls and road-blocks, is never clearer than during a simulation. The questions about why simpler, straightforward solutions do not work are answered when you are finally forced into the shoes of a negotiator.”

Alex B, TRACK4 simulation participant

Who’s it for?

TRACK4 is a highly effective tool for training in negotiation and mediation as well as more general conflict management skills. Our simulations provide hands on experience for students/universities, mediators, diplomats, policy makers or other professionals working in the field of conflict resolution, communities directly involved in conflict, as well as corporate and non-profit organizations. Learn about the various applications of TRACK4 »


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