Developing and running extended simulations

We run simulations for students/universities, mediators, diplomats and policy makers or other professionals working in the field of conflict resolution, communities directly involved in conflict, and corporate and non-profit organizations.

We develop a detailed packet of background material (including scenario, roles, sources), organize the set up and preparation sessions, offer coaching to individual participants during the process, and moderate the sessions. Click here to learn about the various applications of TRACK4.

Training-the-Trainer courses in simulation design and development:

We run intensive training courses for university professors or non-academic instructors and practitioners who wish to learn in greater depth about the theory and method behind extended simulations in order to develop and run their own.

Courses include preliminary lectures on the method and applications of extended simulations, participation in a model simulation, and individual guidance on how to construct your own simulation scenario.

Consulting services:

In cases where participants want to develop and run a one-off simulation, TRACK4 offers individual consulting services. For example, we can:

  • Outline and explain the process and method of simulations
  • Help you determine the appropriate ‘scenario’ for your simulation
  • Give you input on how to best develop the individual roles
  • Provide background materials
  • Offer you regular input as you run your simulation if you encounter obstacles

What people say »

“I found the exercise to be unique in that it enabled the participant to live the Arab-Israeli conflict in virtual reality and view the conflict in all its complexities. This exercise is superior to any I have seen in my involvement in the Arab-Israeli conflict and needs to be a model for the use of relevant government decision-makers and practitioners.”

Murhaf Jouejati, Professor of Middle East Studies, Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies, National Defense University


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